1952 born in Birkingen, South Black Forest
1972–76 studies at "Pädagogische Hochschule Freiburg", 
in Arts, German and Psychology
1976 state examination
1976–84 4 children were born
since 1980 Intensive engagement with ceramic and painting.
Workshops e.g. with Gustav Weiß, Imre Schrammel, 
Sandor Kecskemeti and Michael Flynn. 
Study Trips to Malta, Egypt, Nepal und Mexico
seit 1986 own ceramic-Atelier in Oberrotweil, Kaiserstuhl

Since the beginning of my doing over 40 years ago my most interests are people in their environment, their development, their changes, their metamorphosis.

Figures of human history, Egyptian Culture, Greek Mythology and the Old Testament inspires me in my doings just as modern literature.